Development Consultancy

The SRM organization is planning to engage on broad based development, consultancy, entrepreneurs training and education programs to support street children by having license from the concerned government entity.

 Main service offered: Identification of street children & their families found at the risk of disorganization, abuse or exploitation, Collect the selected street children to rehabilitation center, mobilizing preventive health services & providing access to the marginalized children of & on the street to treatment facilities, Providing nutritional support to maintain the requisite level  of physical and mental efficiency of street children, Offering facilities for literacy, numeracy and life education and initiating efforts for mainstreaming in the formal education system., Linking facilities for the training of street children in gainful vocations, trades and skills so as to enhance their earning capacity,. Utilizing and promoting facilities for shelter & hygienic living, Offering counseling, guidance and referral services for upgrading the quality of life among street children, Providing organized recreation for a healthy, harmonious & wholesome growth of street children, Making all possible efforts for the re-integration of street children to their families or their placement in a family setting, Promotion of Entrepreneurship among street children for income generation wherever necessary by mobilizing facilities of institutional credit, Protecting street children against all forms of abuse and exploitation.

The Company Implementations Strategies used to deliver their service are Funding that project will cover food expense, tuition fee, school aid material costs, medical expense and entrepreneurship training costs for the beneficiaries by inviting individuals from GOs and NGOs to make them productive citizens, Guidance & Counseling for education of. Children’s might have different moral and psychological problems, Arrange tutorial Class for the street children’s by assigning volunteers or by paying for teachers, Supply teaching aid on semester base, provision of health care for children’s who are suffering from chronic illness.