Frequently Asked Questions

We are providing educational consultancy , development interventions and related activities for different individuals and organizations

Our educational consultancy services range from short term training to Undergraduate and Different levels of training in different parts of the world.

We are providing services for different parts of community and educational consultancy. Therefore our ranges are only for service charges where as development services are funded.

Our development services are targeting those in need especially for street children, poor segments of the community and others

We have seven year successful  experience , We facilitated full and half scholarship at abroad countries ,We counseled high school, collage and university students

Currently we are working in Hawassa, Harar and Addis Ababa towns of Ethiopia. Where as our partners are from different part of the country and around the world such as Universities, International organizations and others.

We are calling for partners who love to work in areas of development and educational consultancy for we strongly believe that education changes lives and there are enumerable gaps in our community 

Siloam Reformation Messengers non profitable organization registered with government of Ethiopia SNNPRS, Hawassa City Administration Justice Department at 2013 with registration number SNNPR/MEAH/06/6789998/2489088/2011.We are eligible to work in one part of the country of Ethiopia. It had been working under Apostolic Reformation Messenger’s church as aid department.

Conduct skills gap analyses,  Map out long-term training plans for internal teams, Prepare educational material (e.g. design manuals and order books), Select educational methods, like on-the-job coaching, conferences, workshops and e-learning courses, Schedule regular soft-skills development and management training, Assess the impact of training on employee performance, Liaise with external partners and outsource training, as needed , Gather feedback from trainees and trainers after each session, Prepare cost reports for each learning program, Update curriculum database and training records, We provide counseling for 9th ,10th ,11th ,and 12th  standard students about the different course that are available to them, Facilitate scholarship opportunity  for those who are interesting ,Preparing tutorial class for students to increase their effectiveness ,We prepare counseling for those who are facing challenges in their learning time

We collect and interpret knowledge on a given domain, spot relevant trends, We deliver expertise to employer or employee, we define activities to translate questions, problems and ambitions into solutions, We do analyses, measurements, investigations etc ,we develop solutions ,we develop an implementation strategy of solutions ,we provide a business case for a specific measure ,we support implementing measures and programs ,we monitor progress ,we evaluate  and Our secondary roles are:

Advising, asked and not asked by a principle, depending on the task of the consultant in an organization ,Supporting management in interim functions ,Perform project management ,Training and teaching ,Coaching people involved in those processes , Mediating in processes and conflicts of interests ,Innovating by opening up views on new solutions.

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Educational consultancy and networking service is provided that is | Reliable with up to date Academia Information and cooperation 

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Touching Lives, rehabilitating fallen homes and brightening futures for those in need, who are venerable and seeking kind hearts.