About Siloam Reformation Messengers Global Network

SRM Global Network was established on 11/2013 to give holistic service in Addis Ababa, Hawassa and Harare to our fellow Ethiopian citizens. We believe in touching lives so that full potential can be utilized to help mankind.

So far, we are grateful for taking part forwards realization of dreams of our customers to see then better days. We have hundreds of costumers who gut service through consultancy, training and business mentorship. SRM Consultancy is a leading education consultancy working with both private and corporate clients offering impartial strategic advice and creating solutions for both Ethiopia domestic and international applicants at the short term and long term scholarship school stages.

SRM Consultancy offers a deep insight into the opportunities on offer to applicants within the Ethiopia and International education market and will assist the applicants in formulating a strategy which is tailored to their individual preferences.An SRM consultant will advise applicants to maximize their chances of places in their first choice schools and to ensure the applicants are informed of the available options which many families have found they would not have been aware of without the assistance of an SRM consultant.

Typical backgrounds of those using The SRM Consultancy would be a newly pregnant customer, an applicant in the worldwide wanting to ensure they are aware of all of their best options, a relocating professional looking for school placement or applicants abroad who are seeking expert advice on the best boarding or day school/university for themselves

Vision , Mission and Purpose of SRM

Vision: to make the project sustainable, raising local donor & mobilizing local resource and providing older orphans with training to equip them in the future.

Mission:  to make the program self- sustainable and increasing the services we provide in number, quality & diversity; because this is a unique project,

Principal customers and Geographies: Governmental, nongovernmental organizations, business organization and some reach persons are some of the potential customers of the organization.  We have also individuals who have taken different short and long term training consultancy.


1. To change live and livelihood of street children by providing their basic needs, (food, shelter and clothes, education & entrepreneurship training. and Socio-psychological support, Protect from Socio-economic exploitation and abuse

2.  Promotion and development of micro, small and medium enterprise including enhancement of their competitiveness through different intervention. The major activities of the institute are including evolving effective training strategies and methodology, standardizing model syllabi for training various target groups, formulating scientific selection procedures, developing training aids, manual tools facilitating and supporting central other agencies in organizing entrepreneurship developing programmers, which help in developing an entrepreneurial culture in the society.

3.  Consulting organization which helps student and working professional to identify the current level of skills and abilities, interest. Provide guidance for higher education. We also provide individual counseling for 9, 10, 11 and 12 standard courses that are available.  

4. SRM education and training a global movement of men and women who are passionate to change history by training and mobilizing leaders