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Addis Ababa, Harar , Hawassa | Ethiopia

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Siloam Reformation Messengers non profitable organization registered with government of Ethiopia SNNPRS, Hawassa City Administration Justice Department at 2013 with registration number SNNPR/MEAH/06/6789998/2489088/2011.We are eligible to work in one part of the country of Ethiopia. It had been working under Apostolic Reformation Messenger’s church as aid department.

7 Years Of Experience

Keeping pace, striving for better future of our customers including Youth and Children

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Holistic approach though capacity building and consultancy

Partners: Eparkiea training center, CADAP company US, global services, Askuni Company and HOSPALS partners for the past 3 years

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

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Educational Consultancy

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Development consultancy

broad based development, consultancy, entrepreneurs training and education programs


SRM training

Develop positive learning environments for students. Demonstrate educational programs, plans and products at schools.

Marriage, Civil Unions & Divorce

Professional And Experienced Consultancy and Development Services

Why Choose Our Organization


Excellent Track Record.

Consulting organization which helps student and working professional to identify the current level of skills and abilities, interest. Provide guidance for higher education


Transparent Fees

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Street Children

To change live and livelihood of street children by providing their basic needs, (food, shelter and clothes, education & entrepreneurship training. and socio-psychological support, Protect from socio-economic exploitation and abuse

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Our Client's Reviews

In days where keeping words and maintaining standards is difficult, you did good job in maintaining both Thank you
Mahilet Kefyalew
Wish you all the best and appreciate the good work you began on Street Children in Hawassa
Desta Geremew
Finally you are here for abroad study needs in Hawassa And I strongly recommend SRM for educational consultancy
Markos Kifle
Expecting More from you , especially in Harar , thank you for coming and touching lives,
Bruk Haile